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Chinese and Asian News

Anti-Japan Protesters March in Beijing
Geneticist urges law to regulate use of test-tube technology
Courageous women 'hold up half the sky'
Chinese women in the eyes of foreigners
China sees tree planting campaign on national Arbor Day
China, Zambia to promote women's development
Sunlight Girls' Chinese folk music for Aichi Expo
The 12 Girls' Band trendsetting with the classics
Osama bin Laden's neice has a pop dream
Panda homes may be on world protection list
Beijingers enjoy spring days

China to tighten management over TV commercials
China's gay men know little about AIDS: survey
Chinese administration calls off sex TV show
Japan rejects compensation for Chinese war victims
Japan rejects compensation for Chinese war victims
Japan should properly handle "sex slave" issue: FM Spokesman
Most women students approve of premarital sex: survey
Premarital sex is not an issue here
China Internet Gaming 2004 concluded in Beijing
Promoting condoms - who needs them most
China starts to introduce more puberty sex knowledge books
Sex cartoons break taboos for teenagers
Young people show more conservative attitudes towards sex
China to make sex-selective abortions a crime

Homeward bound
China welcomes 1.3 billionth citizen in mixed mood
Ninety-seven phone sex lines closed in China
China intends to redress sex ratio imbalance by amending Criminal Law
UN peacekeepers in Congo face sex abuse charges
Sex advice on menu at Shenzhen cafe bar
'Sideways,' 'Aviator' win Golden Globes
"Governance capability" most popular catchphrase in China in 2004
Embracing Western ways while cleaving to tradition
More efforts urged to crack down on illegal publications in 2005
"Comfort women" fund to be dissolved in 2007
Women master men... and their wallets

Trailblazer of Chinese nude art ahead of his time
China PM reaffirms Taiwan policy
China pledges more help for poor while targeting steady economic growth
China's Phone Users Reach 430 Million
China Promotes New Measurement Tool to Boost Construction Standards
China to See Domestic Private Capital Boom in 2003
China's Ibis Population Expands to 400
Beijing in Largest Bid to Protect Unique Courtyard Houses
Vice Premier Urges Reform of National Artistic Groups
Chinese Capital to Spend More on Pollution Control

IOC Official Hopes 2008 Olympics Leave Unique Legacy for China
IOC's Olympic Solidarity Support Badminton's 'Road to Beijing'
Beijing Bending on a Grand Olympiad 2008: Analysis
Beijing Uses Int'l Experience in Preparing 2008 Olympics
US Firm Wins 2008 Beijing Games Venue Design Contest
Beijing Officially Issues Guiding Document for 2008 Olympics
Beijing Stress Its Own Way in Hosting Olympics
Beijing Reconfirms Commitment to 'Frugal and Open' Olympics
Chinese Sports Gear up for 2008 Beijing Olympics
Chinese Sports Gear up for 2008 Beijing Olympics

Beijing Holds Olympic Design Conference to Seek Best Image
IOC to Decide on Sport Added to 2008 Olympics Programs in November
IOC Says Beijing Face Challenges but no Major Concerns
IOC Opens Door for Change in Olympic Dates
Beijing organizers Thursday briefed a working group of the International Olympic Committee
IOC Hopes for Best Games for Athletes in 2008
IOC to Send Experts to Help Beijing Olympic Games Organizers
IOC Member Praises Beijing's Efforts for 2008 Olympics
China Launches Design Contest for 2008 Olympic Logo
Soft Drink Giant Shows Keen Interest in Beijing Olympics

I Want to Do Something for Beijing Olympic Games
UK Firms Eye Beijing's Olympics Building: British Deputy PM
IOC Coordination Commission Impressed by Beijing's Progress
China Launches Personnel Training Program for the 2008 Olympics
Beijing Olympic Action Plan Receives Active Response
China Implements Green Project for Successful Olympics
Chinese Olympic Committee to Strengthen Ties with JOC
Experts Imagine Image for 2008 Olympic Games
He Zhenliang Suggests Standards for Appropriate New Olympic Logo
Religious Services Available in 2008 Olympiad: Bishop
CPPCC Members Call for Concerted Efforts for 'Green' Olympics in Beijing


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