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Beijing Officially Issues Guiding Document for 2008 Olympics

Beijing organizers officially released a guiding document for the 2008 Olympics on Friday, one day before the first anniversary of the city's successful bid for the 2008 Olympics.

The document, titled "Beijing Olympics Action Plan", will become the guideline for the city's preparations for the Olympics.

It covers five major areas including the overall strategic concept, development of Olympic venues and related facilities, national environment and infrastructure development, social environment development, and strategic support.

The draft document, worked out by experts from different fields, was issued in March to solicit opinions from the public.

It drew great attention from all walks of life across the country, as the organizers received up to 2,000 calls and more than 300 letters from not only the host city, but also other parts of the country, including HK, Macao, and Chinese Taipei.

Opinions on the document also came from the Beijing-based commercial institutions of such countries as the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy and Canada.

The statement said that the public have shown common concern about those hard-to-handle issues closely related with people's livelihood.

"Such as the prevention and control of air pollution and water pollution, augmentation of greenery coverage in the city, lessening of traffic jams, planning and construction of Olympic venues, and improvement of urbanites' quality," said the statement.

To the delight of the organizers, some people proved to be quite professional and their advice had great feasibility.

"Their advice is also enclosed with detailed scenarios. Some even offered their works of research or invention, which they said would be free to the organizers if the organizing committee like," said the statement.

In addition, the responding public expressed great desire to get involved in the preparations for the Olympics, inquiring about the bidding process in course of the construction of Olympics venues, how to offer donations or sponsorships, and how to use the Olympic emblems.

Meanwhile, the public is also concerned about how the 2008 Games could leave a unique legacy for both China and sports and how such legacy could fully show China's national features.

With more than 50 amendments or supplementations made on the basis of the public's opinions, the final version of the action plan is more in accordance with Beijing's economic and social circumstances, becoming more practicable and more of a guideline document.

"The action plan is a vivid example of how the broad masses are concerned about the Olympics, and how they wish to get involved in and contribute to the Olympics," said the statement.

People's Daily Online

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