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Chinese Sports Gear up for 2008 Beijing Olympics

Days before the first anniversary of Beijing's success in Olympic bid, the organizers said on Tuesday that their preparation for the Games has come to a flying start.

Liu Jingmin, executive vice president of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG), said that since Beijing was awarded the 2008 Games on July 13 last year at Moscow, the Olympic preparatory work is going in a "smooth and sound" manner.

Construction of Olympic venues is one of the top priorities for BOCOG, which has begun to invite tenders for the overall planning of Olympic Green and Wukesong Culture & Sports Complex, two main venues for the 2008 Olympics.

As of July 2, the BOCOG has received a total of 91 submissions, with 57 going to Olympic Green and 34 for the Wukesong complex.

Of all the tenders, 35 pieces of works came from foreign enterprises with 41 from domestic ones. The rest of 15 were jointly produced by domestic and foreign enterprises. Beijing has started the evaluation process by a panel of Chinese and foreign experts

"The construction of Olympic venues is progressing very fast," said Liu, who is also Beijing vice mayor in charge of urban construction.

As for the Olympic marketing, Liu said that talks will be started between BOCOG and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which are expected to sign a marketing agreement and produce an overall marketing plan late this year.

"We are pacing up to pave the way for the Olympic marketing. This year is quite important for the marketing preparation," said Liu.

"We will embark on the Olympic marketing early next year," he added.

To ensure a marketing success, Beijing has taken a series of measures to protect the Olympic intellectual property rights, including the enacting of a municipal decree last November.

The "Olympic Look" project has been under way, as BOCOG held a Olympic design conference early this month and start inviting tenders for the Olympic logo.

Liu also said that there has been a good teamwork between BOCOG and IOC, which sent its inspectors in April to Beijing for its first talks with the organizers.

The IOC Coordination Commission for the 2008 Olympics will send ten working groups to Beijing early next month, giving guidance to BOCOG in nine fields including finance, sports, publicity, marketing, overall planning, environmental protection and security.

Liu said that BOCOG also made lots of progress in other areas like the recruitment of BOCOG staff, formulation of Olympic overall planning and technical support.

"We will go all out to do well in the Olympic preparation, and try to make the Games the best ever, and leave unique legacy to China and sport," he said.

Beijing to mark first anniversary of Olympic bid success
Beijing will hold a string of activities to observe the first anniversary of its success in bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Chinese capital was awarded the top sporting prize on July 13 last year at Moscow, beating the other four candidate cities including Paris, Toronto, Osaka and Istanbul.

The bid victory had sparked off an unprecedented celebration across the country, which bid for the Olympics for the second time.

Beijing Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG),which was set up last December, said that a series of celebratory activities will be staged but should be in line with the principle of frugality.

"The activities will be conducted on both festive and frugal basis," said Jiang Xiaoyu, BOCOG vice president.

On the day of July 13, about ten thousand people will take part in a run, and a grand variety show is to be held at the city's Millennium Monument.

A day before the anniversary, BOCOG will hold a ceremony to release the bid-themed publications, including albums, discs and document collections.

Coincided with the releasing ceremony, a symposium on Beijing's bid is to be held at the People's Great Hall.

On Tuesday, a "People's Olympics" conference was also held to study how to make the Games a full display of Chinese history and culture.

Besides, national and local televisions will officially start on the day of anniversary airing the regular programs dedicated to the Olympics

People's Daily Online

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